Thule Motion XT: The Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier to Buy

Why We Think the Thule Motion XT is the Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier to Buy Now!
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Why We Think the Thule Motion XT is the Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier to Buy Now


If you’re in the market for a premium rooftop cargo carrier, the Thule Motion XT should be at the top of your list. As an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, I’ve tested numerous cargo solutions over the years, and the Thule Motion XT stands out for its blend of style, capacity, and user-friendly features. Here’s an in-depth review based on my personal experience with this incredible rooftop box.

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What’s Great about the Thule Motion XT

🗲 Aerodynamic Design With DualSide Opening

The streamlined shape not only looks sleek but also minimizes wind resistance and noise, enhancing fuel efficiency during long drives. Access your gear from either side of the vehicle. This feature is especially useful when parking in tight spots or on busy roads.

🗲 Thule Motion XT Ease of Installation

The PowerClick quick-mount system is a game-changer. The integrated torque indicator “clicks” when it’s properly tightened, ensuring a secure and simple installation process.

“Not only does the Thule Motion XT work great, it also looks great!”

“When searching for the perfect roofbox for my vehicle, it was such a pleasant surprise finding one that looked as nice as it performed, complimented the look of my pride & joy nicely!”

Thule Motion Superior Build Quality and Security

Made from durable ABS plastic, the Thule Motion XT is both sturdy and weather-resistant, protecting your gear from the elements. The Thule SlideLock System with separate locking and opening functions ensures your belongings are always safe & secure. The lid locks automatically when closed, giving you extra peace of mind.

Thule Motion XT Offers Maximum Capacity

The Thule Motion XT comes in various sizes, but the XL model offers a whopping 18 cubic feet of storage space. This means you can pack everything from skis and snowboards to camping gear and family luggage without breaking a sweat, multiple sizes available.

At around 46 pounds, the Motion XT is relatively lightweight for its size, making installation and removal much more manageable.  The XL model measures 84.5 x 36 x 17 inches, fitting most vehicles with ease. Despite its large size, it’s designed to be aerodynamically efficient, reducing drag and noise while looking fantastic.

Usability: Real-World Experience with the Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

On a recent family road trip to Camp out west, the Thule Motion XT proved its worth time and time again. We packed it with four large suitcases, two pairs of skis, and a couple of backpacks still having some room to spare. The DualSide opening feature made it incredibly easy to access items without having to unload the entire box.

Installation was a breeze, taking me less than 10 minutes thanks to the intuitive PowerClick system. Driving with the Motion XT on top of our SUV was surprisingly smooth, the aerodynamic design significantly reduced wind noise and didn’t noticeably impact fuel economy, even on a long haul.  The roof box also looks really nice and doesn’t detract from your the aesthetic of your vehicle which is a huge plus, love the grey version.

One memorable instance that made me instantly appreciate it, was during a sudden rainstorm while we were camping. All of our gear remained completely dry thanks to the Motion XT’s excellent weatherproofing. I was also able to quickly retrieve a first-aid kit on another occasion from the box without hassle, thanks to the DualSide opening. These features highlight not just the practicality but also the thoughtful design that Thule has put into this cargo carrier, couldn’t recommend it more.

Common Questions Answered About the Thule Motion XT Cargo Carrier Roof Box

Is it easy to install by one person?

The Thule XT is very easy to install and can be done alone without issues. The PowerClick system makes it straightforward for one person to install and remove the carrier.

How secure is the Thule Motion XT?

The Thule Motion XT SlideLock system ensures that the lid locks automatically and stays secure, providing excellent security for your belongings.

Does the Thule Motion XT affect gas mileage?

Thanks to its aerodynamic design, the impact on gas mileage is minimal. During my trips, I noticed only a slight difference and it’s basically negligible.

Can the Thule Motion XT Fit on Any Car?

The Motion XT is compatible with most roof rack systems. Just ensure your vehicle’s roof rack can support the size and weight of the box.

If you’re in the market for a rooftop cargo carrier, we feel that the Thule Motion XT is the one you should definitely buy now.

The Thule Motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is a must have for anyone who values convenience, capacity, and quality. The Thule Motion XT’s intuitive design and user-friendly features make it a standout choice for road trips, vacations, and any type of outdoor adventures you may find yourself in. The combination of easy installation, ample storage space, and aerodynamic efficiency sets it apart from the competition, plus it looks fantastic!

Don’t wait until your next trip to realize you need more storage space. The Thule Motion XT is an investment in hassle-free travel and adventure and we can’t recommend it more after spending a bit of time with it. 

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If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.